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The latest and greatest from Charred Oak Builds.

Handcrafted Candles and Wax Melts

For when your place needs to smell less like a locker room and more like victory!

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A trip to Kentucky is wasted without this souvenir! Serve up a side of art with every glass and show your friends how well traveled you are with this Kentucky Travels Bar Art. 

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Personalized Standard Bourbon Barrel Name Plate

Don't display your name with just any old name plate. Make a statement with a laser-engraved, Personalized Standard Bourbon Barrel Name Plate.

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Complete your outfit with an embroidered Charred Oak Builds "Stagg" Snapback — combine it with a sports tee, slacks, and comfy shoes.

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Do you know one of the 150 million coffee drinkers in the United States, this Barrel Stave Handle Mug is the perfect gift for one of them – or for you! The handle is made using an authentic bourbon barrel stave from a Kentucky distillery.

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  • Louisville, KY

Bourbon barrels must be made of new charred American oak. The average barrel spends the first two years of its life giving flavor and color to the bourbon aging inside. Well-made bourbon barrels can last up to 60 years. However, a barrel can only be used one time to distill bourbon in the US. This leaves distilleries with a supply of bourbon barrels looking for new purpose. At Charred Oak Builds we find ways to reuse and repurpose these aged oak barrels.

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